6 Productivity Habits to Transform Your Level of Focus

Do you have problems with staying focused throughout the day? Or starting your day without a razor focus mentality?

The ability to focus is a critical component of how we live our lives. Staying focused on the task can have a significant impact on  the level of our performance and the results we achieve.

Distractions are and will always entice us and  distract our attention and focus elsewhere. I called these distractions “Shiny Objects” (I had heard this many times in my life but it really resonated when my business coach put it into perspective a few years ago). They are in front of us as incredible interferences that take our attention to something different and sometimes more attractive.

I’ll leave it at that for now and will expand on this later.

If you have the tendency to become easily distracted and not able to maintain a high level of focus, your work outcomes and performance will be impacted for sure. We are bombarded daily with information,...

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