How to Avoid the 4 Most Common Mistakes a New Leader Makes

leadership management Mar 28, 2019

It is not always a smooth transition from being in a technical or expert position to becoming a first timer in leading a team(s). Some people would say (including me) it is one of the most terrifying steps in one's career, especially when there has not been a proper transition process set in place or no additional training provided.

More often than not, people are assigned to positions of leadership without the proper tools, training and/or a clear path to transition into the new role. This may create anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt in their ability to succeed. Well, it did for me when for the first time I was put in a leadership role. Fortunately, my boss at that time believed in me more than I actually believed in myself.

Here are some of the fears or doubts I faced during that situation:

  • Do I have what it takes to lead a team?
  • Would I be able to gain respect from them?
  • Would I be able to meet expectations?
  • Would they support my goals and expectations?

It took me some time to get...

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