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Be Upgradable is committed to helping business leaders and executives strive for strong organizational outcomes. We believe in the power of having a systematic approach to your personal and business decisions.

Our company provides a wide variety of business solutions that can be tailored for you and your business. Our main focus areas are: Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Talent Management, Leadership Development, and Enterprise Learning.

Business Consulting

Our Consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical business concerns and opportunities, from business optimization, organization, and operations to corporate finance and growth strategies.  We bring systematic, functional expertise with a holistic approach across multiple industries and organizations. 

We strive to identify ways to improve efficient and strategic growth for your business, building a roadmap that can be easily implemented.

We will help you craft a solid business vision and develop a systematic and actionable plan, leading you, your team, and your business to the next level of success.


Business Consulting Services

  • Overall process improvement
  • Cash flow and financial management systems
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Corporate governance
  • Assess business strategies
  • Compliance with best practices
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Determination of key performance indicators

  • Develop a systematic and strategic business vision
  • Strengthen business perspective and execution
  • Increase action toward succession planning, P&L leadership and revenue growth


  • Increase oversight, management, and control on processes and procedures
  • Improve predictability of results
  • Improve communication across organization

In partnership with ExcelTrek LLC, a renowned organizational consulting company specialized in human capital management, and an outstanding team of talented executive coaches and consultants we provide the following services for you and your organization:

Executive Coaching

Coaching will strengthen your executive presence and facilitate a higher level of leadership and performance for you, your team, and your organization.

We will partner with you to achieve your goals — and more — whether it is to develop greater emotional intelligence, become more influential as a leader, or master work/life balance.

Our coaches will facilitate the space for self-exploration and self-reflection, and with a series of supportive coaching tools, allow for a profound and systemic transformation of your perspective, your performance, and your well-being.

Executive Coaching Services

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Internal Coaching Program Design
  • Coaching Assessment Tools
  • Coaching Workshops
  • Proprietary “The Leader | Coach Program”” - ExcelTrek Program
  • Proprietary “The Coaching Culture Program” - ExcelTrek Program

Leadership Development


Effective leadership has a profound impact on individual, group and organizational performance. In partnership with  ExcelTrek LLC, we help our clients strengthen the competencies and mindset that nourish and perpetuate a purpose driven, dynamic, relevant and inspirational culture of leadership in the organization.

Leadership Development Services

  • Proprietary Leadership Development Programs
  • Advisory Services
  • Succession Planning Program
  • Leadership Assessment Tools
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tools
  • High Potential Management Program


  • Team Building Workshops
  • New Leader Development Program
  • Leadership Competency Design
  • Leadership Curriculum Design
  • Board Composition
  • Board Governance

Talent Management


At its essence, talent management refers to an organization’s capacity to understand and intelligently manage the acquisition, development, deployment and retention of its human capital.

In partnership with  ExcelTrek LLC, we focus our practice on two key areas – Talent Management Structure and Talent Management Cycle – and provide the expertise to help organizations define a systematic and integrated approach to the talent management process.  

Talent Management Services

  • Talent Management Model Design
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Performance Management Process Design
  • Employee Survey Design & Analysis
  • Proprietary “Culture Connection Program”
  • High Potential Management Program


  • Career Path Design
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Employee Onboarding Process
  • Succession Planning Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • Training Workshops

Enterprise Learning


Leading organizations are, by definition, learning organizations.  

In partnership with ExcelTrek LLC, we help companies enhance the management of their training & development platform through high quality enterprise learning assessment, design and facilitation.

Enterprise Learning Services

  • Learning & Development Design
  • Training & Development Effectiveness Program
  • Assessment Tools Implementation & Training
  • Facilitation of Proprietary Training Modules
  • Design and Facilitation of Customized Training Modules
  • Proprietary “Train the Trainer Program”

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